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Rental Lawyers


When it is impossible to determine the nature and extent of an 

on-going attorney as advisor, attorney-client relationship, clients have the option to secure their legal services with a retainer fee. Legal worked is billed to the retainer and a statement is sent to the client each month detailing the legal work along with the against the retainer.


Discounted Rate

Client who enter into an on-going attorney-client relationship under the Attorney-on-Retainer receive a discounted rate for hourly billing, as well as access to information and resources.


Retainer Fee

Attorney-on-Retainer is not to be confused with the retainer fee required in certain cases. Because it is prohibited for an attorney bear the costs of legal services, Clients are required to pay certain expenses incurred in advanced. Such expenses may include, but are not limited to, fees for court costs, depositions, photocopying, witnesses, toll charges, expert fees, doctor charges, investigators, and other expenses. No substantial expense will be incurred without Client's prior approval. Retainer fees are crafted in these cases to anticipate the cost of litigation. In circumstances where the entire retainer is not billed to fees, the remainder is returned to the client, in accordance with the Retainer Agreement. In circumstances where the entire retainer is remitted to the cost of litigation, the arrangements are made with the client for an additional retainer and/or monthly billing.

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