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Learn More About Leases & Evictions

Our expert lawyers can offer insights and solutions for tenants and landlords situations to provide effective legal assistance. In Maryland, a judgment for summary ejectment, or eviction for failure to pay rent begins with a written complaint. A final eviction judgment can be obtained in as few as five days. However, there are a number of defenses that can stop a landlord from getting an eviction judgment, such as failure to comply with local laws (i.e. written receipt requirements), and dangerous defects/rent escrow. An appeal can be filed up to four days from the date of an eviction judgement.


Landlords have multiple remedies for terminating a bad tenant’s lease. After sending the required notice, a breach of lease case can terminate a lease early and allow landlords to recover damages. Renters who stay beyond their lease term or squatters in possession of a rental property can be legally evicted with a tenant holding over or wrongful detainer case. The attorneys at Johnson Legal Group, LLC are highly experienced and knowledgeable in landlord/tenant cases. Browse our website. Call our attorneys. Schedule your consultation today.

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